Something that we (I did) sometimes forget, is to properly store our gear after shooting.

Our gear suffers with excess of humidity and specially in very humid places, like here where I live in Portugal, is critical to have extra care. The main issue is that fungus can develop in lens and body due to absence of light and high levels of humidity.

Fungus can start  to spread on the lens and completely ruin it. I had this problem on two of my lens. Here in Portugal each clean is about 120/150€. It´s a very expensive clean and for one of my affected lens it was not worth it.

So what can you do to prevent it, without spending a lot of money?

A DIY lowcost drybox is the answer.

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This shot was taken during the Rally that took place on Montejunto Mountain on 27th April 2013 . The awesome rally car coming down the road was an Ford Escort. I liked this tones and framing for a different type of photo.


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Yesterday at about 8 AM a extreme weather event occured here in Portugal, in some locations of Lisbon, specially Benfica, Carnaxide and Parede.

Heavy rain and a quick drop of temperature lead to lot of hail.  The roads quickly became rivers with a mixture of water and ice.

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