I had the Lowepro Fastpack 100 for several years as my everyday bag. For bigger trips and travel abroad I have the Fstop Satori EXP. Something that I was really missing on the Lowepro was a way to carry my tripod. The back support of the bag could also be a little better.

After some research and based on the characteristic that I wanted for the bag: Light, not very big (big enough for two lens) and not too expensive, I found the Vanguard Adaptor 41. The bag is sold on retail for about 56€.

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We arrived at Iceland in the morning of 19 of June. Our road trip plan for the first day was to head North and go straight to Dettifoss (~550km) and do some stops along the way because most of the interesting spots were on the South.

We went to pickup out the jeep from 4×4 Iceland Rentals (It was a very good service, they pickup us up from the Airport to the rental site, about 10 minutes drive from the airport).


Suzuki Grand Vitara

This was our ride for the following days. A Suzuki Grand Vitara. Its a comfortable jeep with a good trunk, but for 4 people with a total of 5 big bags and food its a bit small.

Our first stop was on Lake Myvat and we decided to go for a swim on the hot springs. It´s something out of this world to be inside a water that is cooled down from 100ºC so that is possible to be there. Amazing feeling and most relaxing.

Lake Myvatn Hotspring

The view of Lake Myvatn is amazing, but during the Midnight Sun, when the sun sets, the mosquitoes are really annoying. Not an easy task to photograph while being attacked by mosquitoes.

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Something that we (I did) sometimes forget, is to properly store our gear after shooting.

Our gear suffers with excess of humidity and specially in very humid places, like here where I live in Portugal, is critical to have extra care. The main issue is that fungus can develop in lens and body due to absence of light and high levels of humidity.

Fungus can start  to spread on the lens and completely ruin it. I had this problem on two of my lens. Here in Portugal each clean is about 120/150€. It´s a very expensive clean and for one of my affected lens it was not worth it.

So what can you do to prevent it, without spending a lot of money?

A DIY lowcost drybox is the answer.

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